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A team of 5 adults and 6 youths walk out of the space hangar on Coruscant and board the Counsular-class cruiser. The young group of trainees are on a supervised expedition to complete their training. They are on their way to the unknown regions simply described as sector G7. There in the system, lies an ice planet, simply known as Ilum. On Ilum is a series of caves that have been the right of passage for the Jedi-in-training for thousands of years. For within the walls of these caves, the kyber crystals wait for harvest.

As the Counsular-class cruiser lands at a site outside an opening of one of these caves, two of the adults are taken on by a sense of foreboding. One of the padawans removes his safety harness, and simply says, “Something is not right” The two Jedi Masters tell the Jedi-in-training to stay on board till they return.  The three other adults, a pilot, a navigator and security officer from Coruscant stay on board with the children and watch from the bridge as the two Jedi masters leave the ship and enter the Crystal Caves.

They stop and look at each other as they pass the cave opening as they both feel the disturbance.  Inside, the caves are unusually dark, as if all the light has been removed. They reach for their light sticks that are attached to their belts and ignite them. They control their emotions as keep their mouth from opening. In the cave, the walls, floors and ceilings were ripped dry of every trace of Kyber crystal.

The two Jedi masters return to the cruiser and are met by one of the padawan, “we’re going back aren’t we…”

The year is 3999 BBY and there is a darkness on the horizon…

Home Page

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